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Latest Quarterly Fact Sheets

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Financial Statements

thumbnail of 2410 – South River Global Investors PCC Limited-Annual Report Signed-31_03_2020thumbnail of SR Global Investors PCC Ltd 31.03.19 – signedthumbnail of Signed Hume PCC Financial Statements 31032018-13Dec18

2019 Quarterly Fact Sheets with Manager Commentary

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2018 Quarterly Fact Sheets with Manager Commentary

thumbnail of South_River_European Multi-Asset_0918thumbnail of South_River_Dynamic_Growth_0918thumbnail of South_River_Dynamic Multi-Asset_0918thumbnail of South_River_Cautious Multi-Asset USD_0918thumbnail of South_River_Cautious Multi-Asset GBP_0918thumbnail of South_River_Cautious Multi-Asset EUR_0918thumbnail of South_River_Gold & Precious Metals_0618thumbnail of South_River_Cautious Multi-Asset EUR_0618thumbnail of South_River_Cautious Multi-Asset GBP_0618thumbnail of South_River_Cautious Multi-Asset USD_0618thumbnail of South_River_Diversified Multi-Asset_0618thumbnail of South_River_Dynamic Multi-Asset_0618thumbnail of South_River_European Multi-Asset_0618thumbnail of South_River_Cautious Multi-Asset EUR_0318 thumbnail of South_River_Cautious Multi-Asset GBP_0318 thumbnail of South_River_Cautious Multi-Asset USD_0318 thumbnail of South_River_Diversified Multi-Asset_0318 thumbnail of South_River_Dynamic Multi-Asset_0318 thumbnail of South_River_European Multi-Asset_0318


thumbnail of SRAM RTS 28 Best Execution report 2018


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Fund Application Forms

thumbnail of SR Guernsey Fund Prices Apr 29thumbnail of SR Guernsey Fund Prices Apr 6thumbnail of Joint Account Mandate thumbnail of New-South-River-terms-and-conditions-080820 thumbnail of Personal Information thumbnail of South River Corporate Applicants Form B thumbnail of South River Guernsey Telephone Dealing Form thumbnail of South River Individual Applicants Form A thumbnail of South-River-Notes-to-Application-080820 thumbnail of South-River-Redemption-Request-Nov-2016-080820 thumbnail of telephone dealing indemnity

South River Guernsey Fund Prices
Annual Reports

thumbnail of Long Form R&As – SF Peterhouse Gold – Year end 31.08.17 Finalthumbnail of Hume PCC 310317

Prospectus and Scheme Particulars

thumbnail of SUPPLEMENTAL SCHEME PARTICULARS_ Hume Global Bond Fund (final 05.10.2018)thumbnail of SUPPLEMENTAL SCHEME PARTICULARS_ South River Dynamic Growth Fund (final 05.10.2018)thumbnail of SUPPLEMENTAL SCHEME PARTICULARS_ South River Cautious Multi-Asset (US Dollar) Fund (final 05.10.2018thumbnail of SUPPLEMENTAL SCHEME PARTICULARS_ South River Cautious Multi-Asset (Sterling) Fund (final 05.10.2018)thumbnail of SUPPLEMENTAL SCHEME PARTICULARS_ South River Cautious Multi-Asset (Euro) Fund (final 05.10.2018)thumbnail of SUPPLEMENTAL SCHEME PARTICULARS_ Hume European Multi-Asset Fund (final 05.10.2018)thumbnail of SUPPLEMENTAL SCHEME PARTICULARS_ Hume Dynamic Multi-Asset Fund (final 05.10.2018)thumbnail of SCHEME-PARTICULARS-South-River-Global-Investors-PCC-Limitedthumbnail of TC South River Gold and Precious Metals Fund Prospectus Final 030318

Rebranding Notification

thumbnail of PressRelease_FINALthumbnail of INVESTOR LETTER_FinalWEBSITEVersionthumbnail of QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS


thumbnail of The Future of Gold as an Asset Class

South River Guernsey Funds (formerly Hume Funds) Letter to Investors

thumbnail of Letter to Investors 31 March 2020thumbnail of LETTER_ To Investors of South River Global Investors PCC Limited regarding change of administratorthumbnail of Letter to Investors

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