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Asian pandemics-a pattern emerges

It is unfathomable that, amidst all the interminable media commentary on Covid-19, little or no mention has been made of the two global pandemics of 1957/59 and 1968/70.  The “Asian flu” of 1957/59 and the “Hong Kong flu” of 1968/70 both bore striking similarities to... read more

A veritable tug of war

  It’s hard to know which are the more striking headlines in these pandemic-impacted global markets. Either It’s the March headlines encapsulating the fastest, most vicious bear market and quickest collapse in economic output since World War II, Or It’s the April... read more

I would walk a thousand miles…

New UK PM Boris Johnson’s pledge to go the extra 1000 miles to secure a Brexit deal with the European Union has echoes of that famous song by the Proclaimers, “I’m going to be” from their 1988 album “Sunshine in Leith” with its signature line “I can walk 500 miles and... read more

Trumpie’s pressure on China…

So that’s it then. After all the fuss Trumpie’s stuck another $50bn of extra levies on a load of Chinese imports, let’s face it, it’s pretty small beer…and a lot of it,  let’s be honest, is fairly low value-added stuff like kids’ toys, plastic ducks and wireless... read more

Reflecting on Easter…

The Easter festival was celebrated this past w/e and the western world went into holiday mode. The Easter tradition was started for obvious reasons in the western calendar at the time of Christ’s death around 30 AD but the festival is celebrated around the... read more


Valencia- a few Brexit free days in Spain with light sunny days, fabulous juicy Spanish oranges and wonderful local wines and the best paella in Spain- just what the Doctor ordered. Spain is great and a world away from the febrile and heated political maelstrom in... read more

A toast to the Irish…

St Patrick’s day was earlier this week with the wild celebrations over the w/e to celebrate worldwide if you’re Irish…   while Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar seemed to be getting on well with Nancy Pelosi at a “Friends of Ireland” lunch at Capitol Hill while... read more

A big week for trade talks…

A big week for trade talks…Brexit enters the end game…markets in carnival mood, Elon Musk blasts off…Europe’s largest cruise ship MSC Bellissimo is launched in Southampton and it’s mardi gras week with Pancake Tuesday in the UK, Las Fallas in Spain, and of course the... read more

Mergers, Kim Jong Un, Heniz and Nelly…

Two Welshies in the office crowing after the w/e’s England drubbing and with the Azzurri playing so well against the Irish, we’ll probably lose to the Italians (and we’ve got an Italian in the team to boot!)…not good to be an Englishman…will make for merciless... read more

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