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We offer a range of Funds suitable for different types of investor with a variety of Funds at selected points in the risk spectrum. For all Funds we believe it is essential that potential investors seek independent advice to understand their suitability for personal financial needs and objectives.

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Investment Approach

“Our investment approach aims to allow experienced  and skilled investment professionals to thrive within a disciplined risk framework that at all times aims to ensure the stewardship of clients’ assets is effectively maintained.” Stephen Watson, CIO

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South River Blog

Latest News: The art of the deal, Chinese style…18-Jun-18

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Welcome to South River Asset Management

both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute”.

South River Asset Management* is a specialist fund management company which brings together a team of highly experienced investment managers. Based in the City of London, we manage a range of mixed asset, bond and equity funds. We are passionate about the investments we make and, as a boutique fund manager, we have the ability, flexibility and agility to react quickly to market anomalies which also enables us to invest in companies regardless of their size. We are investment specialists with dedicated expertise across a range of themes and sectors. Our experience and track record has come from managing money through many different market and business cycles and our ethos is purely investment focused which aligns our interests with those of our clients.

We offer our clients the benefits of boutique, specialist fund management with the reassurance of stable ownership with the backing of Zhejiang Zhongnan, one of China’s top 500 companies. Founded in 1984, Zhejiang Zhongnan Holdings Group philosophy is “Build Business through Integrity, Achieve Development through Innovation”.

* As of 11th January 2018, Peterhouse Asset Management and Peterhouse Capital (Guernsey) Ltd (formerly Hume Capital Ltd) were renamed South River Asset Management and South River (Guernsey) Ltd

*If you’re an investor in our South River Guernsey Funds (formerly Hume Funds), please click here to learn more about the restructuring and renaming of our Funds.


Our Team

Amanda van Dyke

Group CEO & Investment Manager

IWWIMA17-logoAmanda van Dyke is CEO of the South River group of companies and a senior investment manager. She has been previously with the mining teams of GMP, Pareto, and Dundee Securities, as an analyst and mining specialist sales person. She is also a former Chairman of Women in Mining UK, and a member of the advisory board of Mines and Money London. She has authored numerous research reports as well as articles on the mining sector. She is a professional gemmologist, and holds an MBA and MA in International Economics, from SDA Bocconi and China Europe International Business School.

Rob Steele

Operations Manager

Rob Steele is a portfolio administrator. He has over 20 years experience in the industry. Before EPIC he worked for Threadneedle Asset Management, which he joined from Zurich Investment Management. Previously he worked for an investment management company and a stockbroker which were both based in Edinburgh. Rob holds the UKSIP Investment Management Certificate.

Stephen Watson

Chief Investment Officer & Managing Director

Stephen Watson is Chief Investment Officer and Managing Director of South River Asset Management Ltd. He manages international multi-asset and equity portfolios and previously he co-ran the 4* Morningstar rated international equity funds at Northern Trust and was responsible for pan-European and Eurozone accounts at Northern Trust Global Investors. Before that he was a Director at Framlington Investment Management where he was head of European equities. Stephen has a BA Hons degree in Politics from Durham University.

Viji Thambyrajah

Operations Manager

Viji Thambyrajah is a portfolio administrator. She has over 20 years of experience in investment administration. She joined EPIC from New Flag Asset Management. Viji previously worked at Kemper (Zurich) Investment Management, where she was a member of the cash management team. She holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Wales, Cardiff.


Our Latest Tweets

3 weeks ago
Thanksgiving Day followed by Black Friday…investors are bearish with the S&P500 down 10% from the high…US tech is expensive but the broader market’s sell-off will likely attract value investors looking for a Santa rally… #thanksgiving #BlackFriday
1 month ago
US mid-term elections-could they trumpet a change in the political landscape in Washington? @SouthRiverAm's @amandabvandyke weighs in : #USmidterms #trump #america #politics SouthRiverAm photo
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Gold stocks and the three bears - interesting read by Peter Warburton:
#gold #financialmarkets #globaleconomy #bearmarket
1 month ago
Did you know: It is rarer to find a one ounce nugget of gold than a five carat diamond. Thanks for this gold gem @GOLDCOUNCIL #gold #investing #goldfacts #southriveram
1 month ago
Check out @tobybirch 'Confessions of a Sinophile' on the SR's blog... … Worth the read!! #China #sinophile #Mandarin SouthRiverAm photo
1 month ago
we have been cautious at South River but valuations are becoming more attractive and while “treat” maybe an exaggeration, with markets oversold, a meaningful Santa rally may well develop as we approach year end… #StockMarket #octoberfinance

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